One on One Coaching


Do you need a Coach?


At Lead to Inspire, Sherry and Marcia meet you where you are in your career/life journey.  Whether you have a Leadership title, aspire to be a Leader or simply want to better yourself, we tailor a coaching plan to help you grow both personally and professionally.    


Think of us as an accountability partner, a sounding board, a motivator, an extra set of eyes and ears to push and challenge you in your personal and professional development. We are passionate about motivating and inspiring others and the way we succeed is when YOU succeed.  


Check which statements apply to you today?


___ I aspire to do more with my life but feel like I am spinning my wheels 

___  I aspire to have a Leadership title or grow in my current position

___  I am a Leader but want to take it to the next level

___  I don’t want a title, I simply want to better myself

___  My “to do” list overwhelms me

___  I’m not as organized as I want to be

___  I’m not as confident as I should be

___  I don’t have empathy

___  I don’t connect with my peers or my team

___ I fear presenting to a group and it’s holding me back in my career

___ I avoid difficult conversations

___ I have big dreams but I’m not sure how to achieve them


If you marked one or more of these statements, we’d love to have a conversation around how Lead to Inspire’s Coaching program can help. Contact us at to schedule a free consultation.  

 Here’s what people are saying about Lead to INSPIRE’s One on One Coaching:

o Lead to INSPIRE’s Coaching has helped me to focus and achieve my goals
o Lead to INSPIRE’s Coaching Program have helped with my personal growth
o Lead to INSPIRE offers a safe environment for me to speak and work on my development goals
o They challenge me to look at situations from different perspectives and angles 
o Marcia and Sherry challenge my thinking and their advice is always spot on

Lead to INSPIRE began working with us in 2018 to provide our leadership team with tools and training to excel their personal goals as well as company goals. Marcia and Sherry quickly identified our needs and helped steer our leaders in a positive direction during one of our company’s most extensive growth periods.

They allow their leadership development courses to be extremely pliable, to be presented to our entire leadership team for each individual to excel in their own way with their 1-1 coaching. Sherry and Marcia did an excellent job being flexible with not only our schedules, but also in tying the coursework and seminars to our real-world situations we are currently dealing with.

We are extremely proud to see our team members grow as Lead to INSPIRE helps us groom them to be their very best! Thank you Sherry and Marcia!

                                     - Renee Thomas, Sr Vice President - National OnDemand